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Winner 1987 Mix TEC Award

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  • Disney ABC7 Studios
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  • Microsoft
  • NASA
  • Nokia Live at LA Live
  • NFL Network Studios
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“Nokia Theater’s grand opening @ LA Live”

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Drawing from over 35 years of sound engineering in recording, television, radio and live concerts,
CHIPS DAVIS DESIGNS provides a unique consulting service, specializing in the acoustical analysis and design of critical listening spaces.

CDD's expertise extends to:

  • music and broadcast studios
  • room acoustics
  • worship spaces
  • lounges and showrooms
  • high-end home's noise control and theaters
  • noise control for plumbing and HVAC systems
Chips Davis' work has been featured on the covers of the foremost industry periodicals, including Mix Magazine.
CHIPS DAVIS DESIGNS' command of the multiple challenges in acoustic design is unmatched in the industry. Whether you're a studio owner, nightclub or casino operator or responsible for a stadium-size live music venue, CDD is the sound solution you've been seeking.

We invite you to check our client list, examine our qualifications and contact us to discuss your acoustic design needs.

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